Event 30, PPO

Event 30 (Day 2): Pisano Plodding Into Break

PPO Event 30
Level 20 (8,000/16,000/2,000)
Total Entries: 115
Remaining Players: 6
Chip Average: 766,000

James Pisano has stayed away from playing many ‘big pots’ but he’s now the second biggest stack at this Event 30 final table, heading into the second break of the day.

This Event 30 final table has worked their way to another break and while most of the action has involved big stacks Travis Hartshorn and Efim Kanner, another big stack has continued to plod along and up the leaderboard. James Pisano joked that his friends following the PPO blog haven’t seen him play “any big pots” and Pisano might have had a simple, yet perfect, response to his friends gripe with his play.

“If I don’t have to play big pots, why would I?” he said, before adding, “Once I stack Travis, I’m winning the tournament anyway.”

While he’s avoided those big pots, he’s now heading into Level 20 with the second biggest stack and before we bring you another Poker Night in America Main Event update, a list of the remaining Event 30 stacks is provided below:

  1. ‘Richie Tenenbaum’ – 605,000
  2. James Pisano – 985,000
  3. George Qiao – 225,000
  4. Travis Hartshorn – 1,340,000
  5. Richard Finberg – 560,000
  6. Efim Kanner – 860,000

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