Event 30, PPO

Event 30 (Day 2): Finberg Finds A Double

PPO Event 30
Level 22 (12,000/24,000/4,000)
Total Entries: 115
Remaining Players: 4
Chip Average: 1,150,000

Richard Finberg just found a double up but even though he’s now playing 800,000, ‘Richie Tenenbaum’ is still working over 2,000,000 four-handed.

Richard Finberg came back from the dinner break just over the 500,000 chip mark but after a few orbits, he was cut down by the increased blinds and antes. Eventually, he moved all-in from under the gun for 341,000 and ‘Richie Tenenbaum’, who was on the button, quickly called.

Tenenbaum, who held close to half the chips in play, had some of his bigger denomination chips angled where James Pisano couldn’t see them from his seat to Tenenbaum’s left. Pisano didn’t like that and aggressively asked Tenenbaum to move his big chips to the front.

The chip leader did just that and then Pisano continued to aggressively talk about Tenenbaum’s stack, enough so to have the player in question call the clock. Pisano didn’t like that either, taking offense to a motion that was well within Tenenbaum’s rights. Eventually, the tournament staff arrived and instructed Pisano that he had 60 seconds to come to a decision.

“Fine. Start the clock, I’m taking all of it.” he said, before ending his thought with, “I fold.” to take one and half seconds of the allotted minute. Travis Hartshorn, who was waiting in the big blind quickly folded and when the cards were finally exposed, Tenenbaum needed his 88 to hold against Finberg’s J10.

He didn’t, as the board ran out 10♣43♠QQ♠ and Finberg was shipped a double that got him back near the 800,000 chip mark. While the double meant the world to Finberg, who was playing for his tournament life, it was just a bump in the road for Tenenbaum. He’s still playing over 2,000,000 while Pisano was then warned a few times by the tournament staff to cool down. He seems to have gotten the message and play will now continue four-handed towards the midway point of Level 22.

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