Event 30, PPO

Event 30 (Day 2): 4th Place – ‘Richie Tenenbaum’ ($5,131)

PPO Event 30
Level 23 (15,000/30,000/5,000)
Total Entries: 115
Remaining Players: 3
Chip Average: 1,530,000

‘Richie Tenenbaum’ came back from the dinner break with just over 2,000,000 chips but after a rough hour, our anonymously named player hit the rail in 4th place.

‘Richie Tenenbaum’ came back from the dinner break with over half the chips in play but after a rough hour stretch, he found himself as the low man on the Event 30 totem pole. He was down to his final 460,000 and those chips got in against Travis Hartshorn, with Tenenbaum drawing to just three immediate outs.

Action was picked up with Harthorn opening to 60,000 and after Tenenbaum three-bet shoved from the big blind, Hartshorn called to put the former chip leader at risk. Tenenbaum held Q♣10 to Hartshorn’s A10♣ and after the Q4♠3 flop, he was the one now looking for three outs.

They didn’t come, as the J and 5♣ completed the board and even though that double got Tenenbaum back near the 1,000,000 chip mark, those chips didn’t stay in his stack for very long. On the very next hand, action folded to Tenenbaum in the small blind and he raised to 60,000. James Pisano took a handful of chips from his stack and placed them across the line in the big blind, with the bet looking like just shy of 500,000.

It was never counted because Tenenbaum verbalized “all-in” and Pisano snap called, turning over KK♠. Tenenbaum held A♣8 and he’d need to hit another three-outer to stay alive. This time he didn’t, as the board ran out clean for the pocket kings and Pisano, after pumping his fists against his chest a few times, then stacked up close to 1,500,000.

While Pisano stacked his chips, Tenenbaum headed to the payout cage to collect his $5,100 score. We’re now just a few minutes from the next break, with a complete update of the chip counts coming shortly.

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