Event 30, PPO

Event 30 (Day 2): 10th Place – Jerry Humphrey ($1,227)

PPO Event 30
Level 18 (5,000/10,000/1,000)
Total Entries: 115
Remaining Players: 9
Chip Average: 511,000

Jerry Humphrey

After eliminating Matt Glantz and Jack Schanbacher, Jerry Humphrey was working one of the bigger stacks in the room, with over 400,000. Those knockouts brought us to the Event 30 money bubble and while Humphrey ran well to get there, he then quickly ran into Efim Kanner.

They played a massive pot where Kanner showed up with AA♣ and Humphrey held AK, with Kanner’s rockets holding to score a nearly 600,000 chip pot. That hand also left Humphrey as one of the shorter stacked players heading but for a second it looked like he was going to start another PPO comeback.

Humphrey came back from a two big blind stack twice during the final table of the opening PPO event of the series but he couldn’t do that again today, as he got back to a 20 big blind stack but then hit the rail in 10th place. The Rivers regular blinded down and eventually was all-in holding K7 to Travis Hartshorn’s J♠10♣ on a board of J♣87♠A♠.

The short stack needed to hit on the river but the Q♣ confirmed the elimination and extended Hartshorn’s advantage on the rest of this field. He’s now playing just over 750,000 and that’s good for the current final table chip lead. Humphrey will make just over $1,200 for his run and will most likely jump right into the Poker Night in America Main Event.

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